You are something to begin with.

2 min readOct 16, 2023


We were so close, yet so far away.

You were so insignificant to me, and to you, I was nobody. There were so many things I had no idea about, but your name that constantly appeared, that I never paid attention to before.

To you, I was just a stranger you met at the end of the road, before the sun concluded its presence and hid behind the mountains, sitting next to each other at the bus stop while waiting for the last arrival to pick both of us up.

To you, I was just a person you never wanted to know more, whose eyes were nothing compared to your name that shone bright in broad daylight. To you, I existed, but nothing much changed if I disappeared.

To me, you were just a name I happened to find very pleasing to hear. Among tens, to me, you were just one of all I had no thought of saying ‘hi’ no matter how close we were in terms of distance. I still remember it very well, how unfamiliar your voice was, how strange things were when you were around, and we couldn’t help but leaving everything died in silence.

However, you came back again, with unfamiliarity that I started to get familiar with, with everything I didn’t know was missing, bringing up the fact that I actually was craving for something, that I have been longing for many things.

The moment you arrived, better world is what I am seeing now, with you living inside, and I, finally am not just a witness. I take part in, I live in.

You shower me what I have been dying to breathe in. You let me see the world I have been wondering about. You realize thousands of my forgotten dreams. And when you give me all you have, it eventually leads to a question …

… does it end this way?

Does it ever end?

Turns out, with you, I started everything I stopped, enlivening things I left dead and untouched, awakening what was left abandoned.

You are not something to end things with. You are something that restarts, revives the dead me into somebody I never knew I could be.

You are always something that lives within, and with you, it all begins.