The wait is supposed to be over, isn’t it?

2 min readMar 19, 2023

As Seraphina feels the embrace starts to get loose, the moment she realises that Arthur’s hands are no longer there wrapping her waist as well as the hair that she can no longer smell the scent, taking two steps backwards should have not been a hard thing to do, shouldn’t it?

The man she is staring at right now doesn’t even dare to unshut his eyes nor looks up to see whether she has something to say. Turns out, his hands are still there , holding both of his woman’s palms as if it instantly will be gone the moment he lets it slips. Seraphina tilts her head, moving it closer to Arthur’s, then blows a very tiny breath right in front of her man’s face, hoping it helps to wake him up.

“I should have told you earlier,” said Arthur soon after he opened his eyes.

“Indeed you should have.” Seraphina let go of Arthur’s left hand to let hers stroking the man’s hair, fixing every strand of it so that it wouldn’t distract his sight. “Now, tell me, Mr. Killian,” said her, half-giggling seeing how Arthur began to reach her right hand again as soon as she finished fixing his hair.

“What am I supposed to do while you are gone?”

“What do you usually do when I am gone?”

“Wait for you to come back?”

“Wait for me, then.”




Each of my writings speaks. Silence interprets it.