It’s the connection we can’t explain.

2 min readDec 25, 2023


3rd 26

It is the connection we cannot explain. The invisible string that ties you to me, and the way love songs start to make sense as they best remind me of you. It is the way the world starts to be safer and gentler that I no longer fear to face it, and it is the way you make sure that your presence exist in every inch of my surroundings.

It is the connection we cannot explain. The language that becomes meaningless when you speak to me yet nobody understands us better than each other. It is always the way you word your feelings and say it out loud as if the whole world bothers to pay attention —whatever, to me, it is the least that matters.

It is the connection we cannot explain. The weather that gets warmer when you walk next to me, and the way the sky refuses to get dimmer unless we both are home safely ….

I want to love you, better and deeper, as much as I want to learn, live through many new things, and grow together with you.

There is always us in the love songs we shared with each other, and isn’t it just so pretty to think all along …

there was some
invisible string
tying you to me?

Invisible String - Taylor Swift