I missed the train, again.

2 min readAug 12, 2023


Photo by Paul Hutton on Unsplash

Once in three hours, there will be several wagons of train arrive, picking up its awaiting passengers to take them somewhere as they wish. Some might have missed it, some might have waited for it to come, and some might not even come to the station due to some reasons. All wagons look exactly just the same, as we barely have the opportunity to spot every of its differences. The only thing we can be certain of that every passing train is different is by looking at the numbers. Some may have two zeros, and others may have more.

There is no guarantee that the same train will stop by the same station, means there is less than one out of ten possibilities that I will ever go by the same train. This should not be a big deal as all trains are just the same, but what if one day, I accidentally leave my bag inside the train and just remember it when I already am home? What if inside that bag is not merely just some pennies, or notebooks, but a one and only picture of my parents I put in there so that I can stare at it whenever I want?

I was too hurry to get home without knowing that someone might have waited for me for hours, somewhere across the railroad.

I should have looked back, I should have seen it when you waved your hand towards me. I should have come to you before the sun down and walk you home. I should have held your hand along the way. I should have stared at you while listening to every nonsense story you told about how your day went. I should have laughed at every silly conversation we made before we stopped by your house. I should have wake up earlier in the morning so that I wouldn’t miss the train to see you.

Will there be another train in the future so that I can run to go chasing what I have missed? But it must be an unfortunate because there won’t be the same train ever again, and there won’t be you standing across the railroad waiting for me to come, anymore.

I have missed so many things in my life, and to miss you is the least that I ever wish to become.

I am sorry for missing the train to chase you.